Bosing, Bosing, Paano Ka Ginawa?

Maliban sa mahabang pakikipag-teleconference, walang katapusang mga meeting, at pagta-type sa kani-kanilang mga laptop habang umiinom ng Starbucks, para saan ba talaga ang mga CCMs/ACCMs/Ops Managers?

We usually see “Them” roaming around the floor, holding their cellphones, talking with Team Leaders/Managers, Supervisors, etc.  I’m sure you’ve asked yourself at least once, “what in the world are they doing?  Why are they always busy?”

Minsan tuloy, ni hindi natin kilala ang mga Big Boss natin maliban sa kanilang pangalan.  Parang nakakatakot pa nga pag kinausap ka nila.  Mapupulupot ang dila mo.   Mabuti pa na huwag mo na lang silang pansinin.

Now that would be a big mistake!  If we, the agents, are at the forefront of the action, the Managers are behind the scenes.  Though we don’t really understand what they really do, they are the ones who make tough decisions that shape the future of the business.  So it will be most advantageous for us to get to know them so that they will know our concerns and problems with regards to our job.

Like the title of this post, what makes a good/great Manager?  I’ve tried listing some of the characteristics that I believe will make a good Manager.  Here is my top three:

  • Must have worked as a Call Center Agent – How would a Manager understand what’s going on a call center agents mind if he/she doesn’t know what it feels like to work as one?  I know that there are some centers that hire managers who did not experience taking calls.  And as expected, the results are not encouraging.  Managers who were previously agents are more effective when it comes to decision-making and establishing rapport with employees.
  • Approachable – It’s hard to manage a business when your employees don’t want to talk to you.  A manager should be approachable, easy to talk to you, not condescending, and sympathetic.  He/She should listen to the employees’ concerns, however ridiculous they may be.
  • Trustworthy – Employees should be able to trust their managers completely.  This should not be limited to work-related issues.  We should be able to trust them with anything that goes under the sun.

I’m sure not all of you will agree.  That’s why I’m inviting all of you to leave your thoughts, comments, objections, and violent reactions regarding this matter.  What makes a good/great Manager?  What are they for?  Do we really need them?

Sige sabihin nyo na.  Ano ba ang masasabi niyo sa mga Big Boss sa inyo?  Huwag kayong matakot.  Secret lang natin ito.


6 thoughts on “Bosing, Bosing, Paano Ka Ginawa?

  1. trustworthy! I totally agree. At sana yung boss na marunong gumawa ng decision not just because may (under the table) na kapalit or dahil type nya lang and yung boss na kayang gawin ng maayos ang trabaho nya ng hindi kailangan ipatrabaho sa subordinates nya.

  2. A good Manager / Boss should be a Role Model and should be able to spot a potential Leader in the Group.

    Yes, staff needs managers. They are there to make high level decision making on the corporate hierarchy that impact the business/company.

    A great company will prosper and progress if the managing people are adept and well verse of how they should run the company.

  3. Agree ako dun sa una mong sinabi. Tama naman na dapat nanggaling sila sa mababang posisiyon, sa posisyon na ngayon ay under niya para naiintindihan niya at nalalaman niya kung ano talaga ang makabubuti db?

  4. mas maganda talaga ung approachable… dun sa amin, parang mas approachable pa ung mga foreign bosses.. chaka pag nalalapitan mo sila, mahahasa ka sa english…. XD

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