Alam Mo Bang Rizal Day Ngayon?

Today is Rizal Day, the day our National Hero was executed 113 years ago.  If you ask some people what they think of Rizal Day, they’ll tell you it’s the day before New Year’s Day.  And they are correct.  I mean, Rizal was killed a hundred years ago while the New Year is just 2 days away.

For us call center agents, it’s a great day to work.  A great day to render overtime.  This is due to DOUBLE PAY!  Some people who are on their days off are even swapping scheds just to work on this holiday.

Truthfully, naalala ko lang na Rizal Day ngayon dahil sa balita sa TV.  Sa panahon ngayon, parang sa TV na lang inaalala ang kamatayan ni Rizal.  Well, hindi mo rin naman masisisi ang mga tao.  Ang hirap yata mag-last minute shopping!  Sino pa ba ang may oras para kay Rizal?  Pag dumaan ka sa palengke, tatlong bagay ang una mong mapapansin.  Ang napakakapal na bilang ng tao, mga bilog na prutas, at sandamakmak na paputok.  Sabik na sabik ang mga tao sa pagsalubong ng Bagong Taon.  Siguro dahil na din sa dami ng problema at kalamidad na dumating ngayong taon.

Like in the comic strip above, the first thing that went through my mind when I remembered that it’s Rizal Day today is the DOUBLE PAY.  Alas, I don’t have a shift today.  But it’s ok.  I never liked doing OT anyways.  The sacrifice of Rizal never went through my mind.  But don’t call me unpatriotic.  I mean, history books tell us that he was a great guy.  But for most of us, he is just a face.  A man who died a hundred years ago.  A hero, yes.  But a hero long dead.

What I remember about Rizal the most is his book, Noli Me Tangere (call me a heretic but I never liked El Fili).  I guess he showed his love for his country the most in that book.  I never cared about those people who over-analyze the book (ano bang pakialam ko sa tinola at sa mga upuan na pinag-aagawan).  You don’t have to know the hidden meanings to know what Rizal wants to tell us.  He loved his country.  This was his message.  And we should love our country as well.

Babasahin ko muna ulit ang kopya ko ng Noli.  Sa January 1 na ako babawi ng DOUBLE PAY.

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